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VOICE OF TESO is a Radio Station Broadcasting on 88.4 FM covering atleast 22 districts and now the leading channel among all segments of society in the Eastern region of Uganda. VOTE addresses social issues like Gender, Education and Poverty alleviation and is thus the Best Radio for Population sensitization and promotion campaigns in the region.

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Broadcasting with a 3KW transmitter, Voice of Teso 88.4 FM covers 3 Sub-regions in the Eastern & North-eastern part of Uganda addressing a wide range of issues including health, education, economics and business, governance, social issues & agriculture.

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We have been on air since 1998 and has grown from a municipal station to cover the entire Teso sub-region and neighboring areas in the Eastern and Northern parts of Uganda.

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Voice of Teso FM is an excellent radio station that provides its listeners with a wide range of content, including news, information, current affairs, and entertainment. Here are some reasons why we think Voice of Teso FM is a great radio station…

Voice of Teso FM has grown from a municipal station to cover the entire Teso sub-region and neighboring areas in the Eastern and Northern parts of Uganda. This makes it an ideal radio station for population sensitization and promotion of campaigns, including entertainment in the region.

Brian Kambale Farmer

The radio station provides its listeners with quality programming that is informative, entertaining, and engaging. The content is well-researched and presented in a professional manner.

Johan Alex Listener


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