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Voice of Teso 88.4 FM is a radio station based in Soroti, Uganda established in 1998 as the first Commercial Radio across the Nile that has grown to become a leading source of News, Infotainment & Education for the Teso sub-region and beyond.

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Broadcasting with a 3KW transmitter, Voice of Teso 88.4 FM covers 3 Sub-regions in the Eastern & North-eastern part of Uganda addressing a wide range of issues including health, education, economics and business, governance, social issues & agriculture.


The core values of Voice of Teso 88.4FM should reflect the station's commitment to excellence, integrity, community engagement, and innovation. Here are some suggested core values for Voice of Teso:

. Excellence
. Integrity
. Community Engagement
. Innovation
. Respect
. Social Responsibility

These core values will guide the actions and decisions of Voice of Teso 88.4FM, ensuring that the station operates with integrity, serves its community with excellence, and remains at the forefront of innovation in the media industry.

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Streaming live radio on our website is a great way to embrace traditional media and adapt it to the digital world we live in today.


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