By Simon Ongodia

Lawyer drags attorney general to court over abuses against speaker Among

One of the lawyers hailing from Teso land Joshua Patrick Okello popularly known by his music stage name Jokel, has sued the attorney general over alleged incidents of human rights abuses against the speaker of parliament Annet Anita Among.

A court document seen as generated on 27th March 2024 at the civil division court Kampala was filled following social media talks that criticized the speaker of parliament over her alleged extravagant spending’s with a notable case in point citing the leader of opposition Joel Ssenyonyi’s posts where he demanded the speaker to publicly announce her wealth and for accountability of her expenditure.

He expressed disappointment over circumstances under which the members of the public and some political leaders indulge in unlawful discussions that tarnishes the reputation of a national leader who is occupying a national office.

According to him, there are so many illegalities surrounding the criticism against the speakers which he said should be addressed legally in courts of law to bring the suspected errant culprits to justice.

He described the discussions against the speaker on social media platforms as a direct attack to intimidate, belittle and disrupt her attention from running her official duties normally.

Currently, counsel Okello’s application registration number 0051, is still pending scheduling for hearing.


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