Soroti police arrest suspected street solar light vandal

The police have arrested a suspect for allegedly vandalizing solar panels that were initially installed on Soroti streets by the Soroti city east MP Herbert Edmund Ariko.

It’s alleged that the suspect whose names were not disclosed by press time Wednesday vandalized the solar lights alleging that he was acting under the orders of the MP.

However, Ariko denied allegations and called for the police intervention to arrest the suspect saying that he could be acting on a political mission to tarnish his reputation from the voters who entrusted him with the mandate of leadership in parliament.

Kemith Opio, a welder who was contracted to install more than 60 solar lights at shs 750,000 each in Kigandani, Teso inn, Kengere and Kichinjaji said that he got concerned when he discovered poles in one of the scrap dealers shop.

The lights were installed to light the streets with the aim of deterring thieves from waylaying road users at night.

The public expressed disappointment over rampant incidents of vandalism of street lighting systems.

They said that the solar lights in question were stolen in the day by vandals who disguised themselves as patriots, storing the few solar lights destroyed by criminals.

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