By Benjamin Okolimong

Women urged to lead exemplary life in families

The minister of state for fisheries Ms Hellen Adoa has urged women to lead exemplary lifestyle in their respective families.

Speaking during Easter Sunday prayers at St Peter’s Church of Uganda Soroti diocese, Ms Adoa said that women should rather respect their husbands irrespective of their conducts, social and economic status and act as change agents in their families and societies.

She also urged married women to respect their husbands as she cautioned them against indulgence on issues of infidelity as a means to avenge their adulterous husbands.

She made these remarks in line with Bishop Kosea Odongo’s sermon which cited one of the followers of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene’s role in spreading the good gospel of the resurrection.

Delivering his sermon to a congregation that gathered to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ after Crucifixion for the earthly sins to restore the lost relationship between Man and God, Bishop Odongo quoting the book of John: 20:1-8 and 1 Corinthians: 15:1-11 in the bible said that Women should emulate Mary Magdalene in checking the state of the moral, inspire and strengthen others in the state of hopelessness to embrace good values that promote the gospel of God.

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